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Don’t worry about having to make, or remember to make, payment again by using the safe and secure GOCARDLESS direct debit system. This is not a recurring Direct Debit and is only actioned after a clean. If we don’t clean, you don’t pay.


Sunshine Payment Option


  • GOCARDLESS is not a recurring direct debit. It has to be actioned by us after each and every clean, and you’ll only pay once we’ve cleaned your windows.
  • If we don’t clean your windows your direct debit will never be actioned.
  • Your payment will always be processed outside our guarantee period. So you will only pay once you’re completely happy with the work we’ve done for you.
  • You will always receive an email notification from GOCARDLESS before your payment is processed. And payment is taken from your account 5 days later.



Important reasons why so many customers pay with GOCARDLESS

Save Time

Our secure payment form only takes 30 seconds to fill in and you’ll never have to worry about payments again.

Stay In Control

You will never miss a payment again and won’t have to worry about having no cash, posting cheques, or forgetting to pay online & getting reminder texts from us.

Secure Transaction

GOCARDLESS use military grade encryption making this a very secure payment method. They are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and have processed over £1 billion in payments. This is why they are trusted by many large household names and banking institutions.

Direct Debit Guarantee

If you have any issues with a transaction you are entitled to an instant refund from your bank. That’s why this is the safest and most reliable form of payment for you, giving you complete peace of mind.

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