Our High Reach Vacuum system is the most cost effective, efficient and safest method of clearing your gutters.


Because gutters can collect a lot of debris over the course of a year, it will naturally cause clogs and over flow. This is especially bad for your roof because standing water in a gutter can easily get up under the roofing and begin to rot your fascia and sub roofing in your home, causing you costly repair bills.

By using a high reach vacuum system we are able to clear your gutters from the safety of the ground. We are also able to access awkward areas that a ladder could not reach.


A reminder of the many benefits of the High Reach Vacuum system:

  • No need for expensive scaffolding or ladders.
  • No damage to fascia or gutters where ladders would normally be placed.
  • Reaches hard to access gutters above conservatories and extensions up to 3 storeys high.
  • No mess to clear up when finished.
  • Clears leaves, moss, water and debris easily.
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